Essential Oils School Protocol

Essential Oils School Protocol


This protocol has been put in place to protect the health and safety of students and staff attending the Tracy Public School District. Health care decisions are made on an individual basis. Exposure and use of homeopathic remedies for medically diagnosed or un-diagnosed conditions or preventative care are for individual use.

As a public school district, we must advocate for the well-being of all the students and staff members.


Essential oils are not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which means the essential oils can have different strengths or ingredients within each vile.

The essential oil treatments have caused asthma attacks, migraines, chemical burns, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and anaphylactic shock to internal chemical burns. These symptoms have been reported in an increasing number since 2013. –Dr. Loden, Poison Center.



  • Staff and students may use Essential Oils, individually, during school hours when placed on the feet. The feet are then covered with a sock and shoe to lessen the effects on others.
  • Oils may not be used in the hair or other parts of the skin as the scent from the oils can affect other students and staff.
  • Essential Oil Diffusers cannot be used within the school district.