•  What will the day look like?  Does my child need to get online at 8 am?  No.  Your child should be able to limit their total on-task time to approximately 2.5 hours/day.  Our focus for homework is quality not quantity.  Each course that your student is enrolled in will have one Zoom meeting a week.  This will be scheduled by the teacher, and the student will receive a notice of that meeting on Schoology Messenger.  They can do their coursework when it works into their family/work schedule, while paying close attention to homework deadlines.

  • What is Schoology Messenger?  This is a messaging tool on the Schoology app that your student uses almost every day for school work on their laptop.

  • Does a parent have their own login for Schoology? No, you will have to view through your child’s account.

  • Can we contact teachers anytime?  Each teacher will let their students know when their “office hours” are.  Encourage your student to reach out to their teacher if they need help by using Schoology messenger.  If a teacher has their phone number posted, they may also call that, but only during their office hours.  Parents may always email a teacher.  Teachers will reply in a timely manner.

  • What if my child misses a scheduled Zoom meeting?  They should message their teacher on Schoology immediately.  The teacher will come up with options for them.

  • How does grading work? Just like before, grading will reflect what the student has turned in for homework and the accuracy of that homework.

  • How can my child turn in homework?  Most homework will be online, so they can submit electronically via Schoology.  If they do something on paper, they should take a photo of it and email it to their teacher.  Last resort, they can turn it in to a meal bus/van driver, or a drop box at the HS Door #4, TAES Door #1, Milroy School, or in Walnut Grove @ 341 Fifth St.

  • How will I know if my child is submitting their work?  Please look in JMC and check for missing assignments.  If they turned in something late, their grade will take extra time to be posted, especially if it is turned into a homework box.

  • How can my child turn in a library book?  Please turn it in to a meal bus/van driver, or a drop box at the HS Door #4, TAES Door #1, Milroy School, or in Walnut Grove @ 341 Fifth St.

  • How will attendance be taken?  Every Monday morning by 8 am a Ramp Up question in Schoology will be posted for your student to answer.  They must submit that answer by Friday @ 3pm.  This will count them as present for theweek.  If they don’t submit that answer, they will be counted as absent for the week.  Encourage your child to fill it out right away on Monday. 

  • How will I know if my student submitted the Ramp Up attendance question?  The following Monday morning, attendance will be posted on JMC. 

  • How will tests work?  There will be many different approaches to testing, including open note tests, assessing for learning through projects, tests that have text to speech with them so tests can be read out loud to them, etc.  Most tests will be posted on Schoology.

  •  During the Stay at Home period,how do I contact someone at the high school office?  Please call 507-629-5500 and listen to the options.  Leave a message if needed.  Your call will be returned as soon as time permits.

  • Who do we contact if we are having technology difficulties?  Please message Craig Polkow or Katie Gervais on Schoology.