Medications at School

ALL medication sent to school MUST be in the pharmacy labeled container, or/for non prescription medicine, in original container from the drugstore.  Medication may not be kept with the student, or in their locker until/unless this has been cleared with the school nurse first.

Asthma Inhalers: By Minnesota law, students with asthma inhalers may carry their inhaler with them provided after they show they have self-carry permission from their medical provider, AND have checked with the school nurse.

Prescription medication, as well as over the counter medication which is used on a regular basis ( more than twice a week) can not be given without

  1. written request from parent or guardian and
  2. written prescription from the child's medical provider.

Over the counter medications used on an occasional basis( less than twice a week) for things such as discomfort from toothaches, ear aches, mild headaches, or upset stomach can be given in school if the parent /guardian has given written permission.