School Lice Protocol

Tracy Public School Lice Protocol

 When live lice are found, the parents will be contacted to request removal from class with education on treatment to be completed that day.

 The child may return to class after medicated shampoo treatment. One treatment should kill the live insect and the combing of nits may take several days. Child can remain in class if nits alone are found.

 Family members of the student will be checked for head lice and a classroom will be checked if 2 or more cases are found within that classroom.

 A note will be sent home in the grade live head lice have been found in when 2 or more cases are present in that grade.

 Incubation period for eggs is 10-14 day and at this time, if live lice are still present we will recommend the parent retreat the infestation chemically for the second time.

 Lice cannot live without a live host – bagging contaminated items for 2 days will kill lice or laundered with high heat.

 Environmental sprays or chemical cleaners in the classroom, lockers, or on gym mats or other school equipment will not be used as this treatment has not proven to be effective.

 The school cannot provide any chemical treatment to a student without parent consent.

 None of the remedies using common household products (oils, mayonnaise, petroleum jelly..) or chemicals intended for other purposes (kerosene, gasoline…) should be used for lice treatment, they are very dangerous and have not been shown to be effective.

Approved by: Mr Munson, Mrs Vondracek, Mr Anderson, and Mrs. Wolske

Please refer to lease links for further education on lice and treatment options