Online Databases

Electronic resources (stories, articles from magazines, encyclopedias, pamphlets or other published resources that are accessed on a computer) are available through purchased subscriptions. Just click on these links and you will be directed to the database homepage. These resources are available on your home computer, but you will need to get the password information from the library.

 World Book Online
An online version of the World Book Encyclopedia for kids & students

SIRS Discoverer on the Web and SIRS WebFind
Designed for elementary/middle school age students

The following sites are brought to you through ELM (Electronic Library Minnesota) free of charge. These are periodical and newspaper databases (indexes) that provide information based on your topic and are geared to elementary and middle school age students' reading abilities. These resources are great for research reports and assignments because the information is accurate, up-to-date and focused.

Kids InfoBits
A database that includes magazines, newspapers and reference books, maps, flags, charts, graphs, and images; developed for beginning researchers (K-5thgrades.)

 InfoTrac Kid's Edition
If you need to write an essay, a report, or any kind of paper or presentation for school, this is a great place to find lots of different kinds of information (3-6th grades)

 InfoTrac Junior Edition
A database that includes magazines, newspaper articles, reference books, images and maps designed for the junior high and middle school researcher (4-8th grades.)

 Junior Reference Collection
This resource will help you find information on subjects such as biographies, literature, science, arts, culture, geography, and general reference; and includes documents, photographs & illustrations, dictionaries, video & audio clips. (4-8th grades)