Accelerated Reader Program

Tracy Area Elementary School subscribes to the "Renaissance Enterprise Edition" which means we have access to any quiz that has been written. Currently we have over 5,000 quizzes that have been made active, those quizzes that match books we have in our library collection and they are readably available for students to test on. However, if a student wants to see if there is a quiz available for a book that she/he has at home, or a book that we don't have in our library collection, the following website can be used to check the availability of a quiz, and the level and points associated with that quiz.

To find if a specific book has a quiz, go to this site:
2. Click on "Visit our Online Store" on the right side of the page.
3. Select "United States" as the country you are ordering from and then click
Next." (This may only need to be done the first time.)
4. On the next page, under Quiz Store, click on "Quiz Search"
This is the search screen you will see:



The drop down menu defaults to a title search, but it you are looking for a specific author of a book, you can also select "author" from this drop down.
5. Type in the author or title of the book you are looking for.
6. In the drop down menu after "How to match words" you can select "starts with"
 which means it will look for the exact author name or book title.
7. Then click on the green "GO" button.

If there are quizzes associated with the author or title you typed in, the next screen will display these matches, including the book level and points. The quiz number can be found by clicking on the title of the book. If there is a match, please let the Media Center staff know, and we will make the quiz active for our school.