Principal's Office

I would like to welcome back all Tracy Elementary Students and Parents.  We have several new students.  We look forward to the opportunity of being a part of your child’s education.


I enjoy being your child's principal at Tracy Area Elementary School.  I have a passion for early childhood education, which brought me to Tracy, MN to both get back in the area and focus on PK-6th grade students.  We welcome the chance to set the best educational foundation we can for your child before they attend Middle School.  I am in education because I love kids and enjoy seeing them grow throughout the years.  


One of the biggest indicators of the success of children academically, is the level of parent involvement in their education.  Parents remain the main educator in their children’s lives.  We strive to work together with you to create the best base of knowledge to grow upon.  Please check with your child daily on what they did at school, and whether they have material to read or work on at home. 


At TAES, we strive to develop the whole child.  We believe that Character Education is an important factor in developing our students.  Every Friday students will be spending an hour talking about different character count traits.


Communication between home and school is necessary to create the best learning environment for your children.  Please email or contact the teacher or office with any questions throughout the year.


As a school, we understand the responsibility we have in educating your children.  Thank you for entrusting your child's education to our school!


Your questions, comments, and concerns are important to me! Thanks for taking the time to write. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message.


Michael Munson

TAES Principal