Principal's Office

I would like to welcome back all Tracy Elementary Students and Parents. We have several new students and a couple new staff members this year. We look forward to the opportunity of being a part of your child’s education.


We ended last year with distance learning for over 2 months.  This year our hope is to not have any distance learning.  To accomplish this, we are asking for everyone to work together to keep our students, staff, parents, and community safe.  To do this we are going to have a number of limitations including: sometimes having some grades at different sites, limiting the number of kids on busses (making multiple new routes), have some portions of the year with a shortened school day to accommodate the new bus routes, strict sanitation measures, and mask wearing during part or most of the school day.  Things will look different for students this year, but so does the world we are currently living in.  If everyone does their part, we are expecting to be able to bring all of our Elementary students to in person learning for all or most of the school year. 


We do have some new things in our Elementary school.  We have added swings and a bench to our playground.  This was possible by the fundraising events that our students participated in.  Also, we have created a new flexible seating/group project area in our Media Center with couches. They were added late last year, but have not been able to be used much yet.  This will be used for cooperative learning and projects when we don’t need to follow strict social distancing guidelines. We have added more Lego Kits. These will be used along with our Robots to increase students’ critical thinking skills by working on some STEM activities.  These changes along with all of our curriculum changes (Benchmark Literacy-Reading, Envisions-Math, and our change to Standards Based Grading over the past couple of years are all aimed at providing the best education for your children.


One of the biggest indicators of the success of children academically, is the level of parent involvement in their education. Parents remain the main educator in their children’s lives. We strive to work together with you to create the best base of knowledge to grow upon. Please check with your child daily on what they did at school, and whether they have material to read or work on at home.


At TAES, we strive to develop the whole child. We believe that Character Education is an important factor in developing our students. Every Friday, students will be spending an hour talking about different character count traits.


Communication between home and school is necessary to create the best learning environment for your children. Please email or contact the teacher or office with any questions throughout the year.


Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education! Looking forward to a great year!

Michael Munson

TAES Principal