About Us

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10 Reasons Tracy Elementary is a GREAT place to send your children:

»We value Character Education- Students meet for an hour a week to talk and learn about Character topics.
»We boast a talented and experienced staff that care about your kids. 

»Every student starts the day with free breakfast!!
»Students attend Physical Education and Music classes EVERY DAY!

 »We embrace and teach technology: 1/2 each day for tech time (in computer lab),

1 IPAD for every 2 students in classrooms, 1 to 1 computers in our 5th and 6th Science

» Our students want to be in school (attendance rate is 97%)

»We are a school-wide Title I program!!

»We are one of only a couple schools in the state that have a TK (Transitional Kindergarten) program!!

»We value active/hands on learning. 

»58% of our students access free/reduced lunch.