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Main Uses



WIDA advances academic language development and 
academic achievement for linguistically diverse students 
through high quality standards, assessments, research, 
and professional development for educators.

The goal of the ACCESS for ELLs® test is to allow students to 
demonstrate their level of proficiency through the Performance


ACT Educational Planning and Assessment System

This test consists of the EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT.
The EXPLORE and PLAN align with the ACT, and
consists of four domains:  English, Math, reading, 
and Science.  Content is aligned with the College
Readiness Standards.

Preparing for high school and college
studies as well as life after high school.

Grade 9 - EXPLORE

Grade 10 - PLAN

Grade 11-12 - ACT

AIMS Web District-purchased assessment to measure general 
academic outcomes in reading, writing, spelling,
and math that predict success in these broad
academic areas
Measure progress over time and determine
students who need to accelerate growth in, 
reading, writing, spelling and math.
MCA-III State-mandated, standards based test of students
achievement in reading , math and science.  The 
purpose of these tests is to measure whether students
are learning the things they are expected to learn each
Accountability, student/schools' progress report,
determine students' progress on MN state standards, 
identify areas for instruction and practice.

3-8 & 10 in Reading

3-8 & 11 in Math

5, 8, HS in Science

MTAS Alternate assessment for grades 3-11 (special 
education student with significant support needs)
Students and school's progress report 3-12
(Measures of Academic Progress)
District purchased measures of student achievement
in reading, math, and language usages.  Tests are 
aligned with Minnesota and national standard.
Student progress measured each fall, winter and spring. K-11

 Renaissance Place
  -  Accelerated Math
  -  Accelerated Reader
  -  English in a Flash
  -  MathFacts in a Flash
  -  Star Math
  -  Star Reading

Renaissance enables educators to target instruction
and guide student practice on essential reading, math,
and writing skills.
 Students progress measured on a possible daily basis.